Box Office Report - Daily Box Office Report: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Daily Box Office Report
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

By Daniel Garris

Disney’s Coco was off to a healthy start on Wednesday with an estimated first place take of $13.242 M. Yesterday’s opening day figure includes an estimated $2.30 M from Tuesday night shows that began at 7PM. Wednesday’s performance for the critically acclaimed computer animated film from Pixar was 35.7 percent ahead of the $9.761 M opening day Wednesday of 2015’s The Good Dinosaur and just 14.7 percent behind the $15.519 M opening day Wednesday of last year’s Moana. Based on those comparisons, Coco is currently headed for a weekend gross in the area of $48 M to $53 M and a five-day start in the neighborhood of $70 M to $76 M.

Critical and online reaction to Coco has been especially strong. The film has a current score of 9.321 on our LoveHate Rate aggregate measurement of critical and online user ratings (which is the second highest rating of any 2017 release to date). Coco also looks to be going over extremely well with audiences as the film received an exceptional A+ rating on CinemaScore. The record-breaking box office performance of Coco in Mexico over the past four weeks has also likely helped build pre-release buzz and anticipation for Coco domestically.

Warner’s Justice League was down one spot from Tuesday to claim second place on Wednesday with an estimated $10.450 M. Justice League declined a slim 1 percent from Tuesday’s performance. The six-day start of Justice League stands at a softer than expected $122.352 M. Justice League is running 11.8 percent behind the $138.677 M six-day haul of Wonder Woman earlier this year and 28.4 percent behind the $170.903 M six-day launch of last year’s Suicide Squad. Going forward, it is highly likely that Justice League will display holding power much more in line with that of Suicide Squad than that of Wonder Woman.

Lionsgate’s Wonder was down one spot from Tuesday to place in third on Wednesday with an estimated $6.000 M. Wonder was up 5.5 percent over Tuesday, which represented a solid daily hold, especially given the new competition the film faced from Coco for family audiences. Wonder passed the $40 M mark yesterday and has grossed a much stronger than expected $43.190 M in six days. That places the film just 14.7 percent behind the $50.638 M six-day breakout start of 2009’s The Blind Side.

Disney’s Thor: Ragnarok fell from third to fourth place on Wednesday with an estimated $3.987 M. Thor: Ragnarok increased 14.2 percent over Tuesday. That represented a healthy daily hold, especially given that the film was playing in 779 fewer locations on Wednesday than it was on Tuesday. The 20-day total for Thor: Ragnarok stands at a mighty $257.200 M. Thor: Ragnarok is running an impressive 48.2 percent ahead of the $173.566 M 20-day gross of 2013’s Thor: The Dark World.

Paramount’s Daddy’s Home 2 and Fox’s Murder on the Orient Express placed in fifth and sixth with respective estimated daily grosses of $2.71 M and $2.55 M. For the day, Daddy’s Home 2 increased a strong 19.1 percent over Tuesday, while Murder on the Orient Express was up 11.2 percent. Respective total grosses for the two films remain very close, as Murder on the Orient Express has grossed $58.182 M in thirteen days and Daddy’s Home 2 has grossed $56.737 M over the same timeframe.

In other box office news, daily grosses for Fox Searchlight’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, A24’s Lady Bird and Sony’s Roman J. Israel, Esq. were all close to one another as all three films expanded into more locations on Wednesday. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri had the most impressive daily performance of the three, as it grossed an estimated $786 K from 590 locations for a per-location average of $1,332. Lady Bird took in $758 K from 741 locations for a per-location average of $1,022, while Roman J. Israel, Esq. claimed an estimated $755 K from 1,648 locations for a modest per-location average of $458. Respective total grosses to date stand at $6.088 M for Lady Bird in 20 days, at $2.555 M for Three Billboards in thirteen days and at $829 K for Roman J. Israel in six days.

Estimated daily domestic box office results for Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Film (Distributor) Daily
Last Wed.
TG to OW
1 Coco
$13,242,000 3,987 $3,321 N/A N/A $13,242,000 N/A 0
2 Justice League
(Warner Bros.)
$10,450,000 4,051 $2,580 -1.0% N/A $122,352,000 1.304 1
3 Wonder
$6,000,000 3,140 $1,911 +5.5% N/A $43,190,000 1.568 1
4 Thor: Ragnarok
$3,987,000 3,281 $1,215 +14.2% +366.6% $257,200,000 2.095 3
5 Daddy's Home 2
$2,710,000 3,518 $770 +19.1% +109.9% $56,737,000 1.913 2
6 Murder on the Orient Express
$2,550,000 3,214 $793 +11.2% +26.4% $58,182,000 2.029 2
7 The Star
(Sony / AFFIRM)
$1,635,000 2,837 $576 +2.1% N/A $14,156,000 1.443 1
8 A Bad Moms Christmas
$948,000 2,306 $411 -16.3% -7.6% $53,933,000 3.218 3
9 Three Billboards Outside
Ebbing, Missouri
(Fox Searchlight)
$786,000 590 $1,332 +586.9% +2,602.3% $2,555,000 2.318 2
10 Lady Bird
$758,000 741 $1,022 +129.6% +564.8% $6,088,000 2.419 3
11 Roman J. Israel, Esq.
(Sony / Columbia)
$755,000 1,648 $458 +12,582.7% N/A $829,000 N/A 1
12 The Man Who Invented Christmas
(Bleecker Street)
$198,000 532 $371 N/A N/A $198,000 N/A 0

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