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Box Office By Brand - Illumination Entertainment

Box office history of films produced by Illumination Entertainment.
Last Updated on June 3, 2018








The Secret Life of Pets Universal 07/08/2016 $104.353 M $368.384 M 3.530
Despicable Me 2 # Universal 07/03/2013 $83.517 M $368.065 M 4.407
Minions Universal 07/10/2015 $115.718 M $336.046 M 2.904
Sing # Universal 12/21/2016 $35.258 M $270.329 M 7.667
Despicable Me 3 Universal 06/30/2017 $72.434 M $264.624 M 3.653
Despicable Me Universal 07/09/2010 $56.397 M $251.514 M 4.460
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Universal 03/02/2012 $70.217 M $214.031 M 3.048
Hop Universal 04/01/2011 $37.544 M $108.085 M 2.879

- Re-issue grosses during the first few years after release are included in total grosses, while much later re-issue grosses aren't included.
- Films that have grosses from re-issues included are indicated with an *
- Films that opened during the midweek are indicated with a #
- Films that opened in limited release before expanding to wide or moderate release are indicated with a ^
- Grosses from Thursday evening shows are included in opening weekend grosses.
- Films currently playing in domestic theatres are listed in red.

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