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Weekend Box Office Report
April 27 - April 29, 2018

By Daniel Garris

Weekend Actuals Update:

The record-breaking weekend actual gross for Disney's Avengers: Infinity War is $257,698,183. The daily breakdown for the film was $106.335 million on Friday, $82.132 million on Saturday and $69.232 million on Sunday. With an international total of $382.7 million, the global launch for Avengers: Infinity War stands at a record-breaking $640.4 million.

Other weekend actuals for the frame include: A Quiet Place ($11.005 million), I Feel Pretty ($8.177 million), Rampage ($7.205 million), Black Panther ($4.736 million), Super Troopers 2 ($3.729 million), Truth or Dare ($3.268 million), Blockers ($2.975 million) and Ready Player One ($2.563 million).

Monday Morning Update:

Thanks to a significantly stronger than expected performance on Sunday, Disney’s domestic opening weekend estimate for Avengers: Infinity War has been increased to $258.2 million this morning. After shattering the single day Saturday record, Avengers: Infinity War also shattered the single day Sunday record with an estimated $69.2 million. 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens had previously held the single day Sunday record with $60.55 million. The weekend actual gross for Avengers: Infinity War will be announced later in the day.

The opening weekend gap between Avengers: Infinity War and former all-time domestic opening weekend record holder Star Wars: The Force Awakens now stands at a significant $10.23 million. It should be noted that when adjusting for ticket price inflation, Avengers: Infinity War will come in just below Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which currently has an adjusted opening weekend gross of $263.85 million (and that figure will increase a bit more as official average movie ticket prices for 2018 are announced).

The estimated international launch for Avengers: Infinity War now stands at $382.7 million. That places the film’s global launch at a record-breaking $640.9 million.

Weekend Estimates Update:

Disney’s Avengers: Infinity War opened with an estimated $250.00 million this weekend to set a new all-time opening weekend record. Avengers: Infinity War topped the $247.967 million take of previous record-holder 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens by $2.033 million and could very well widen that gap by the time actuals are released tomorrow. Avengers: Infinity War averaged a massive $55,878 for the frame from 4,474 locations. Avengers: Infinity War opened in 340 more locations than Star Wars: The Force Awakens did and that certainly helped Avengers: Infinity War establish the new opening weekend record.

Other domestic milestones for Avengers: Infinity War included topping the $207.439 million start of 2012’s Marvel’s The Avengers by 20.5 percent to set a new opening weekend record for a film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and topping the $147.187 million launch of 2015’s Furious 7 by a whopping 69.9 percent to establish a new opening weekend record for the month of April. Avengers: Infinity War marks the second Disney release of 2018 to open with at least $200 million, as it joins Black Panther, which opened with $202.00 million during its first three days back in February. The exceptionally strong reception to Black Panther among moviegoers appears to have given an added boost to Avengers: Infinity War this weekend. Disney currently claims 9 of the 10 largest domestic opening weekends of all-time (the one exception being the $208.81 million debut of 2015’s Jurassic World).

After debuting with $105.97 million on Friday (which included an estimated $39.0 million from Thursday night shows that began at 6PM), it appeared that Avengers: Infinity War was likely on pace for the second largest opening weekend of all-time domestically. But the film had an exceptional hold on Saturday to take in $83.02 million for the day. That was down just 21.7 percent from Friday when including Thursday previews and up 24.0 percent over Friday without including Thursday previews. The film’s Saturday performance shattered the previous all-time Saturday record, which had been held by 2015’s Jurassic World with $69.64 million. Avengers: Infinity War is estimated to decline 26.5 percent on Sunday to take in $61.016 million, which is very likely a conservative estimate and would represent the largest Sunday gross of all-time (topping the $60.55 million first-Sunday gross of The Force Awakens).

The audience breakdown for Avengers: Infinity War skewed towards male moviegoers (58 percent) and towards moviegoers over the age of 25 (58 percent). Family audiences made up 17 percent of the film’s overall audience. Avengers: Infinity War grossed an estimated $22.5 million from domestic IMAX locations, while 3D grosses were responsible for 26 percent of this weekend’s performance. Avengers: Infinity War looks to be going over very well with moviegoers, as in addition to Saturday’s strong hold, the film received a strong A rating on CinemaScore.

Internationally, Avengers: Infinity War had an estimated five-day debut of $380.0 million. That represented the second largest international start of all-time, behind only 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, which had the added advantage of opening in China during its first weekend. Even without opening in China this weekend, Avengers: Infinity War set a new all-time global opening record with a global launch of $630.0 million.

Current international totals for Avengers: Infinity War include $42.2 million in the U.K., $39.2 million in South Korea, $25.1 million in Mexico, $23.0 million in Australia, $18.8 million in Brazil, $18.6 million in India, $17.7 million in France, $14.7 million in Germany, $12.5 million in the Philippines, $11.0 million in Italy and $10.0 million in Thailand. Markets the film set new opening weekend records in include South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia ($9.6 million) and Malaysia ($8.4 million). Avengers: Infinity War will open in Russia on May 3 and in China on May 11.

Paramount’s A Quiet Place placed in a distant second this weekend with an estimated $10.65 million. A Quiet Place was down a sizable 49.1 percent from last weekend, but that represented a respectable hold given the record-breaking performance of Avengers: Infinity War. A Quiet Place is on the verge of passing the $150 million domestic mark with a significantly stronger than expected 24-day gross of $148.17 million. The film is running an impressive 31.7 percent ahead of the $112.50 million 24-day haul of last year’s Split. Internationally, A Quiet Place grossed an estimated $6.6 million this weekend. The film has grossed $87.2 million to date internationally and $235.4 million globally.

STXfilms’ I Feel Pretty held steady in third with an estimated $8.13 million. I Feel Pretty held up very similarly to A Quiet Place this weekend, as the film declined a sizable, but respectable 49.3 percent. The ten-day total for I Feel Pretty stands at $29.57 million. That is in line with expectations and places the film 10.4 percent behind the $33.02 million ten-day gross of last year’s Snatched (which fell 59.9 percent in its second weekend to take in $7.83 million). I Feel Pretty will hope to stabilize going forward, but at the same time will be facing new direct competition from Lionsgate’s Overboard and Focus’ Tully this coming weekend and from Warner’s Life of the Party the following frame.

Warner Bros. and New Line’s Rampage slid to fourth place with an estimated $7.11 million. Rampage fell a very sharp 64.6 percent, as the film clearly took a direct hit from Avengers: Infinity War this weekend. The 17-day take for Rampage stands at $77.93 million, which is in line with expectations. Rampage continues to perform much stronger internationally, as the film took in an estimated $16.2 million internationally this weekend. That brings the international total for Rampage to $256.7 million and the film’s global haul to $334.6 million.

Disney’s Black Panther had a very impressive hold this weekend, as the blockbuster Marvel film was up three spots and down only 11.2 percent from last weekend to claim fifth place with an estimated $4.38 million. In addition to continuing to benefit from terrific word of mouth, Black Panther received an added boost this weekend from playing in drive-in double features with Avengers: Infinity War. Black Panther is the third highest grossing film of all-time domestically with a massive 73-day gross of $688.01 million.

Meanwhile, after last weekend’s stronger than expected launch, Fox Searchlight’s Super Troopers 2 came crashing down this weekend with an estimated sixth place take of $3.60 million. That represented a troubling 76.3 percent slide from last weekend’s debut. The heavy fan-driven nature of Super Troopers 2 and the emphasis on the film’s launch on April 20 both helped contribute to the film’s immense front-loading last weekend. Even with this weekend’s large decline, Super Troopers 2 has still grossed a solid $22.08 million through ten days.

On the platform front, Bleecker Street’s Disobedience was off to a promising start with an estimated $241,276 from 5 locations in New York and Lost Angeles. That gave the critically acclaimed film starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams a healthy per-location average of $48,255 for the frame. Next weekend Disobedience will expand to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco and Washington DC and open in additional theatres in New York and Los Angeles.

Weekend Studio Estimates for April 27 - April 29, 2018.

Film (Distributor) Weekend
TG to OW
1 Avengers: Infinity War
$250,000,000 4,474 $55,878 NEW $250,000,000 1.000 1
2 A Quiet Place
$10,650,000 3,565 $2,987 -49.1% $148,173,000 2.951 4
3 I Feel Pretty
$8,130,000 3,440 $2,363 -49.3% $29,574,000 1.845 2
4 Rampage
(Warner / New Line)
$7,105,000 3,508 $2,025 -64.6% $77,931,000 2.180 3
5 Black Panther
$4,381,000 1,650 $2,655 -11.2% $688,009,000 3.406 11
6 Super Troopers 2
(Fox Searchlight)
$3,600,000 2,125 $1,694 -76.3% $22,085,000 1.455 2
7 Blumhouse's Truth or Dare
$3,210,000 2,420 $1,326 -58.8% $35,316,000 1.892 3
8 Blockers
$2,945,000 2,324 $1,267 -56.9% $53,216,000 2.589 4
9 Ready Player One
(Warner Bros.)
$2,435,000 2,365 $1,030 -67.2% $130,683,000 3.129 5
10 Traffik
(Lionsgate / Summit)
$1,620,000 1,046 $1,549 -58.9% $6,752,000 1.713 2
11 Isle of Dogs
(Fox Searchlight)
$1,400,000 1,001 $1,399 -59.6% $27,021,000 5.922 6
12 I Can Only Imagine
$755,000 970 $778 -69.0% $81,061,000 4.738 7
13 Chappaquiddick
(Entertainment Studios
Motion Pictures)
$704,000 704 $1,000 -61.6% $15,818,000 2.743 4
14 A Wrinkle in Time
$658,000 371 $1,774 -10.1% $94,607,000 2.856 8
15 Tyler Perry's Acrimony
$646,000 540 $1,196 -67.1% $42,229,000 2.459 5

Sherlock Gnomes
(Paramount / MGM)
$625,000 731 $855 -55.9% $40,589,000 3.827 6
The Miracle Season
(LD Entertainment / Mirror)
$288,000 430 $670 -74.4% $9,439,000 2.389 4
(Bleecker Street)
$258,000 237 $1,088 -74.3% $4,502,000 2.596 3
(Bleecker Street)
$241,000 5 $48,255 NEW $241,000 1.000 1
Lean on Pete
$240,000 167 $1,439 +36.4% $665,000 2.767 4
The Death of Stalin
(IFC Films)
$210,000 150 $1,403 -36.0% $7,203,000 5.354 8
Peter Rabbit
(Sony / Columbia)
$210,000 229 $917 -25.7% $114,565,000 4.581 12
The Rider
(Sony Pictures Classics)
$188,000 37 $5,090 +164.2% $358,000 1.899 3
Love, Simon
$125,000 173 $723 -75.0% $40,493,000 3.444 7
Finding Your Feet
$124,000 102 $1,214 -31.1% $1,158,000 4.094 5
The Leisure Seeker
(Sony Pictures Classics)
$105,000 117 $895 -37.4% $2,890,000 5.480 8
Pacific Rim Uprising
(Universal / Legendary)
$95,000 224 $424 -83.8% $58,932,000 2.096 6
The Greatest Showman
$90,000 146 $616 -39.5% $173,670,000 19.722 19
Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami
(Kino Lorber)
$41,059 19 $2,161 +3.7% $182,000 3.248 3
Let the Sunshine In
(IFC Films / Sundance Selects)
$40,267 2 $20,134 NEW $40,267 1.000 1
Final Portrait
(Sony Pictures Classics)
$37,620 69 $545 -48.5% $375,000 5.128 6
Midnight Sun
(Global Road)
$30,958 93 $333 -15.6% $9,525,000 2.379 6
Ghost Stories
(IFC Films)
$28,032 12 $2,336 +134.1% $45,128 1.610 2
The Strangers: Prey at Night
(Aviron Pictures)
$23,000 62 $371 -66.6% $24,367,000 2.343 8
God's Not Dead:
A Light in Darkness
(Pure Flix)
$21,750 65 $335 -66.1% $5,604,000 2.083 5
Godard Mon Amour
(Cohen Media Group)
$14,747 17 $867 +34.1% $31,912 2.164 2
Back to Burgundy
(Music Box Films)
$13,760 10 $1,376 -17.9% $186,000 5.078 6
The Hurricane Heist
(Entertainment Studios
Motion Pictures)
$645 5 $129 -39.0% $6,112,000 2.021 8

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