Box Office Report - Weekend Box Office Report: March 31 - April 2, 2017

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Weekend Box Office Report
March 31 - April 2, 2017

By Daniel Garris

Weekend Actuals Update:

With actuals now in, the weekend gap between Fox’s The Boss Bay and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast increased a bit more from Sunday’s estimates. The Boss Baby opened in first with $50.199 M over the frame, while Beauty and the Beast took second with $45.451 M. Beauty and the Beast was down 49.8 percent from last weekend and has grossed a massive $393.338 M in 17 days.

Other weekend actuals for the frame include: Ghost in the Shell ($18.676 M), Power Rangers ($14.200 M), Kong: Skull Island ($8.587 M), Logan ($6.108 M), Get Out ($5.660 M), Life ($5.552 M) & The Zookeeper’s Wife ($3.289 M).

Weekend Estimates Update:

Fox and DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby pulled off an upset win over Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the box office this weekend with an estimated debut of $49.00 M. The Boss Baby greatly exceeded pre-release expectations, as a concept with wide appeal, a strong advertising campaign and the familiar brand name of DreamWorks Animation all contributed to the film’s success. While overall expectations for The Boss Baby had been held in check coming into the weekend, it should be noted that the performance of the film’s trailers on YouTube were pointing towards a stronger start than had been widely anticipated. The opening weekend performance of The Boss Baby was extremely similar to the start of Fox and DreamWorks Animation’s Home, which also greatly exceeded expectations and overcame mixed critical reviews to open with $52.11 M during late March of 2015. The Boss Baby delivered the 18th largest opening weekend ever for a March opener and the fifth largest debut of 2017 so far.

The Boss Baby started out with $15.58 M on Friday (which included an estimated $1.5 M from Thursday evening shows that began at 5 PM), increased 28.4 percent on Saturday to gross $20.00 M and is estimated to decline 32.9 percent on Sunday to take in $13.43 M. While The Boss Baby has received a lukewarm reception from critics and online movie fans (the film currently has a LoveHate Rate of 5.772), the film appears to be going over significantly better with audiences as it received a healthy A- rating on CinemaScore. The Boss Baby will face added competition for family audiences next weekend with the release of Sony’s Smurfs: The Lost Village this coming Friday.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast placed in a very close second this weekend with an estimated $47.54 M in its third weekend of release. That ranks as the sixth largest unadjusted third weekend gross ever. Beauty and the Beast declined 47.4 percent from last weekend, which represented a very solid hold, especially given the new competition the film faced from The Boss Baby and that Beauty and the Beast lost IMAX screens to Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell this weekend.

Beauty and the Beast has grossed a massive $395.46 M through 17 days of release. That leaves the film just $4.54 M away from reaching the $400 M domestic milestone and currently ranks the film in 26th place on the all-time unadjusted domestic chart. Beauty and the Beast is running 56.1 percent ahead of the $253.37 M 17-day gross of last year’s The Jungle Book (which slowed just 29.0 percent in its third weekend to gross $43.71 M) and 30.8 percent ahead of the $302.45 M 17-day take of 2012’s The Hunger Games (which declined 43.4 percent in its third weekend to claim $33.11 M).

The news was far less bright for Paramount and DreamWorks’ Ghost in the Shell, as the film opened in third with an estimated $19.00 M. Ghost in the Shell performed poorly with its price tag in mind and opened below its already scaled back expectations. Ghost in the Shell debuted 56.7 percent softer than the $43.90 M start of previous Scarlett Johansson vehicle Lucy back in 2014. Instead, Ghost in the Shell opened in line with the $19.06 M start of 2011’s Sucker Punch. Ultimately, Ghost in the Shell was unable to expand beyond its niche target audience, while mixed critical reviews and opening after so many other high-profile March releases didn’t help the film’s cause either.

Ghost in the Shell started out with $7.66 M on Friday (which included an estimated $1.8 M from Thursday night shows that began at 7 PM), declined a concerning 12.5 percent on Saturday to gross $6.70 M and is estimated to fall 30.7 percent on Sunday to take in $4.64 M. After displaying initial front-loading during the weekend, Ghost in the Shell is likely to remain front-loaded going forward. As with The Boss Baby, critical and online reaction to Ghost in the Shell has been mixed (the film currently has a LoveHate Rate of 5.862). However, unlike The Boss Baby<, Ghost in the Shell doesn’t appear to be going over significantly stronger with audiences, as the film received a respectable B rating on CinemaScore.

Lionsgate’s Saban’s Power Rangers slid to fourth place this weekend with an estimated $14.50 M. On the heels of last weekend’s stronger than expected start, Power Rangers was down a sharp 64.0 percent this weekend. Strong audience reception to the film wasn’t enough to make up for the initial rush-out of the film’s fanbase last weekend and the new competition the film faced from both The Boss Baby and Ghost in the Shell this weekend. Despite the second weekend decline, in the bigger picture Power Rangers has still grossed a solid $65.06 M in ten days. That places the film 7.3 percent ahead of the $60.63 M ten-day take of last year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (which fell 59.3 percent in its second weekend to gross $14.39 M). Saban's Power Rangers will hope to hold up better going forward with the drop-off from its initial audience rush-out now behind it.

Blockbuster holdovers occupied places fifth through seventh this weekend. Warner’s Kong: Skull Island was down 40.0 percent to take fifth with an estimated $8.80 M, Fox’s Logan also declined 40.0 percent to place in sixth with an estimated $6.20 M and Universal’s Get Out decreased by just 34.3 percent to claim seventh with an estimated $5.81 M. Respective total grosses stand at $147.85 M in 24 days for Kong: Skull Island, at $211.87 M in 31 days for Logan and at $156.89 M in 38 days for Get Out. All three films could hold up well again next weekend, as the frame will offer moviegoers another chance to catch them before Universal’s highly anticipated The Fate of the Furious arrives in the marketplace the following week on April 14.

Also of note this weekend was Focus’ The Zookeeper’s Wife, which debuted in tenth with an estimated $3.35 M. The Zookeeper’s Wife was screening in just 541 locations, which gave the film a healthy per-location average of $6,191. The performance of the Jessica Chastain led film was much stronger than that of Chastain’s previous film, last year’s Miss Sloane, which grossed just $1.84 M in its first weekend of major release (while playing in 1,648 locations). The Zookeeper’s Wife currently has the strongest LoveHate Rate of the weekend’s three major new releases with a score of 6.823. The Zookeeper’s Wife could hold up well going forward, especially with its modest initial location count and promising per-location average in mind.

Weekend Studio Estimates for March 31 - April 2, 2017.

Film (Distributor) Weekend
TG to OW
1 The Boss Baby
(Fox / DWorks Anim.)
$49,000,000 3,773 $12,987 NEW $49,000,000 1.000 1
2 Beauty and the Beast
$47,543,000 4,210 $11,293 -47.4% $395,460,000 2.263 3
3 Ghost in the Shell
(Paramount / DWorks)
$19,000,000 3,440 $5,523 NEW $19,000,000 1.000 1
4 Saban's Power Rangers
$14,500,000 3,693 $3,926 -64.0% $65,062,000 1.614 2
5 Kong: Skull Island
(Warner Bros.)
$8,800,000 3,141 $2,802 -40.0% $147,848,000 2.423 4
6 Logan
$6,200,000 2,323 $2,669 -40.0% $211,868,000 2.396 5
7 Get Out
$5,814,000 1,844 $3,153 -34.3% $156,888,000 4.700 6
8 Life
(Sony / Columbia)
$5,625,000 3,146 $1,788 -55.0% $22,369,000 1.789 2
(Warner Bros.)
$4,055,000 2,464 $1,646 -47.5% $14,367,000 1.860 2
10 The Zookeeper's Wife
$3,349,000 541 $6,191 NEW $3,349,000 1.000 1
11 The Shack
(Lionsgate / Summit)
$2,170,000 1,430 $1,517 -43.8% $53,085,000 3.283 5
12 The LEGO Batman Movie
(Warner Bros.)
$800,000 812 $985 -61.9% $172,727,000 3.259 8
13 The Belko Experiment
(BH Tilt)
$562,000 473 $1,188 -70.1% $9,024,000 2.181 3
14 Hidden Figures
$425,000 352 $1,207 -43.6% $167,816,000 7.360 15
15 T2: Trainspotting
(Sony / TriStar)
$400,000 140 $2,857 +2.7% $1,178,000 2.944 3

The Devotion of Suspect X
(China Lion Film)
$330,000 43 $7,674 NEW $330,000 1.000 1
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
$240,000 224 $1,071 -46.3% $531,712,000 3.429 16
John Wick: Chapter 2
(Lionsgate / Summit)
$230,000 210 $1,095 -49.7% $91,296,000 3.000 8
The Last Word
(Bleecker Street)
$213,000 289 $735 -60.3% $1,483,000 2.769 5
(Weinstein Company)
$212,000 175 $1,211 -46.3% $51,131,000 13.598 19
$166,000 105 $1,576 -20.2% $2,041,000 6.431 8
$143,000 202 $708 -31.8% $269,932,000 7.656 15
La La Land
(Lionsgate / Summit)
$142,000 143 $993 -27.3% $150,469,000 15.750 17
A Dog's Purpose
$125,000 189 $661 -51.6% $63,658,000 3.493 10
$117,000 175 $669 -44.0% $248,565,000 4.389 19
(Fox Searchlight)
$115,000 311 $370 -65.8% $592,000 1.762 2
A United Kingdom
(Fox Searchlight)
$87,000 86 $1,012 -53.5% $3,703,000 5.858 8
(Fox International Productions)
$76,000 65 $1,169 -70.9% $422,000 1.616 2
(Focus World)
$70,435 42 $1,677 -8.6% $304,000 3.941 4
(Bleecker Street)
$33,782 31 $1,090 -31.0% $2,115,000 12.391 14
David Lynch: The Art Life
(Janus Films)
$12,126 1 $12,126 NEW $12,126 1.000 1
Tim Timmerman,
Hope of America
(Purdie Distribution)
$120 1 $120 -80.9% $87,798 1.735 5

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