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Le Parisien Magazine

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:44 am
by Sammycluct
Le Parisien Magazine, which takes the name of Today-in-France Magazine in the province, is a weekly supplement sold on Friday with the newspaper Le Parisien (or with the newspaper Today-in-France in province) because September 2012 Launched weekly at roughly 420,000 copies, this magazine is released by LPM, a subsidiary of Parisien.

Thick for a hundred web pages, the publication is divided into three components. The very first, called "Weekend", deals with culture, travel, gastronomy. The second, called "Wide angle", is interested in the subject of funds: economic situation, global, culture, etc. The last as well as 3rd, the "Pleasures" section, is instead transformed consumption: fashion, elegance, modern, etc